Reach 480+ Million Mobile Customers Across Asia & Africa

Announcing WePlay for Indonesia!

Distribute Your Game On WePlay's Massive Network

WePlay is a new game store and gaming network, brought to you by Singtel. Powered by PlayPhone and preloaded on Android devices, WePlay gives your game direct access to over 480 million mobile customers throughout Asia and Africa. WePlay is available in Singapore and Indonesia, with more Singtel partners coming soon. Take advantage of this powerful distribution and monetization channel that can't be found anywhere else!

"I didn't know Indonesia has almost 300 million people"
"It's great to have a solid distribution channel in Asia--the growth is amazing!"
"I'm excited to distribute my game in India and Australia"

Integrate your game in Minutes

PlayPhone features a lightweight SDK that is less than 100KBs and takes only minutes to integrate! Integrate your game once, and the SDK will automatically update to the latest version so that you are automatically prepared for future PlayPhone Game Stores.


Direct Carrier Billing Equals More Conversions

With direct carrier billing, all in-game and premium purchases are charged directly to the gamer's phone bill, delivering a low-friction purchase experience with sharply higher conversion rates.

Gain Insights That Matter

PlayPhone's developer portal provides insights for all your games to help you better understand user engagement and monetization metrics. Compare your game to category performers to manage your game's success.